Drum Workshops


 Drumming with Senior Citizens

The Respectful Beats™ program for seniors is the hallmark of our business. It is a combination of therapeutic drumming exercises, rhythmic jamming and interactive entertainment. The result: a fun experience with numerous health benefits. We work with in all types of senior settings: assisted/non-assisted facilities, with health challenged residents, senior centers and luxury retirement.


Corporate Drumming


Team building by definition is a collective term for activities and process of causing groups of people to work together as a team in a productive manner, or to develop social relations and define roles within the team.   This is achieved through the means of collaborative group building activities which promote unity and cooperation.   Drumming is a universal expression that transcends all boundaries: personal, organizational or cultural.  Respectful Beats™ provides effective workshops for employees and executives.  Whether your team building is about unison, your company mission, or vision… you need an activity that creates unity.  Our team building programs are about creating the ‘one rhythm’ and working up from there. There are of course many ways to do this, but we have found that developing a team building music activity that is completely interactive is a great way to get peoples’ enthusiasm levels up.


Develops Creativity

Enhances Communication

Affirms Company Mission with Music

Promotes Diversity

Improves Focus


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