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Respectful Beats™ is an interactive drumming and wellness company serving a wide array of groups and organizations.  We offer hands-on drum workshops for therapeutic use, rhythm based team building programs for businesses and an exciting range of  hand selected drum/wellness products in our online store.  Respectful Beats™ is one of the worlds’ leaders in team building activities and interactive drumming workshops for the elderly. These workshops are customized for your specific group event.  Our programs can help you organize any diversity week; engage and motivate your clients; and much more.   Read original articles in our blog, view photos in our gallery or read our list of common drummer jokes.    

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Why Should You Schedule a Respectful Beats™ Workshop?

The Health Benefits

Besides being a fun activity, there are health benefits to drumming.  From lowering stress levels and improved concentration to a sense of connection with others.

Team Intergration

Get your employees working more effectively together.  Let us add rhythm to your company’s mission and create motivation for your team to perform better!

It's Creative

Stop thinking and start feeling the rhythm.  In drumming, the left and right brain are used simultaneously leading to better ‘out of the box’ problem solving.

  • "Steve Benedetto and Respectful Beats™ is a wonderful resource for any group looking for a fun and interactive team-building experience. He recently helped kick-off the Brandeis University Innovation Bootcamp and we couldn't think of a better way to bring the diverse crowd of students, staff and faculty together. His workshop set the tone for communication and collaboration for the entire day of events. I recommend Respectful Beats™ for all settings...educational, corporate, and for any group wishing to develop a sense of unity through the universal language of music and rhythm."

    Rebecca Menapace Associate Provost for Innovation at Brandeis University
  • "For a new and unique program look no further than Respective Beats™!  Steve Benedetto recently held an interactive drumming workshop here at the center to much acclaim! It was so nice to hear the music throughout the building and see the smiles on participants faces! We are looking forward to holding another workshop soon!"

    Lisa Martino Program Coordinator Marlborough Council on Aging
  • "I've had a few lessons with Steve, and so far so great. He is patient, he hones right in on what I want to learn, and he has simple, straightforward exercises and advice that is exactly on target for what I want to learn to do. He is also sincere and modest. He also makes me feel good about what I can already do. He's also a great resource and a great guy to talk music and drumming with. I always come away from my lessons with him energized, positive, and feeling good about myself and my progress."

    Howard K
  • "Steve Benedetto, Owner , Respectful Beats™ has been inspiring our residents and families for many months now through his interactive drumming program. Steve delivers both comfort and a sense of well-being with a gentle approach that nurtures and invigorates the soul. Residents on our Tapestry neighborhood are especially engaged as the sound, rhythm & vibration of the drums serve as a powerful calming therapy. Steve combines his talent along with his warmth & caring personality that makes this an unforgettable, magical experience to enjoy over and over again. Thank you Steve!!"

    Mary Nelson Community Relations Director/Whitney Place Natick
  • “It has been amazing for me to witness the personal transformation, expansion of consciousness, and community building that occurs when Steve sets the rhythm Friday’s at Drumming! After about 10 minutes you can see the joy in resident’s eyes as they start to “get it” and are playing a drum rhythm, making music (some for the first time)-it’s really exciting! Research has recently showed a wide range of therapeutic benefits from healing, self-expression, reducing stress, physical healing, immune boosting to reintegration of self. This is a powerful tool for our residents to connect with their own spirit and with the group and Steve orchestrates each connection and doesn’t miss a beat!”

    Sherry Morin Sales/Marketing Team - The Willows
  • "Willows residents enjoy the camaraderie of playing with friends, the energetic interaction, and the just plain fun of it. An active resident in the Westborough campus says she loves it because it calls for the kind of rhythm that dancing calls for. Now that she no longer dances, she feels she has “an outlet for my rhythm.” Another regular workshop student enthuses, “I love it! It lets me release all my inhibitions for one whole hour.”

    November '15 Publication The Willows
  • "Respectful Beats™ has been a wonderful addition to our program. Residents look forward to listening and creating music with Steve. He has a wonderful rapport with them and plays music they know and love! The hour always flies by with laughter, music and joy for all. Steve is helping residents realize it is never too late to tap into your inner rockstar!!"

    Lily Wood Activities Director, Whitney Place Westborough
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